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Dept. I - Media Studies

Department I – Media Studies deals with the history, analysis and theory of film and television.

History, analysis, theory – these are the fundamental elements of our discipline. Our aim is to fuel your enthusiasm for our discipline during the course of your studies.

History: During your core program, you attend four consecutive two-week lectures on film and television history. The screenings include film examples of expressionism, Italian neorealism or the American New Wave. And you are introduced to the work of Ernst Lubitsch, Ingmar Bergman or Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Analysis: During the second semester, in our Film Analysis course, you begin by examining single shots, then sequences and finally entire films. During the first session, we deal with a painting and a still from a motion picture. Working with your group, by the final session you will be able to analyze the dramatic structure of the feature film Mulholland Drive (2001). These skills are then refined in the ”advanced courses” during the third semester. It is during these seminars that you write your first individual academic paper.

Theory: In the text study courses, we will examine the writings of such major scholars as Siegfried Kracauer, Hugo Münsterberg, Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, André Bazin, Gilles Deleuze, Marshall McLuhan or Vilém Flusser, learning how they view the media film and television. Knowledge of these theories is a prerequisite for the individual research  you will carry out in your final courses, during your main studies. During these seminars you will write your second, more extensive academic paper.