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Faculty general

Among our HFF Munich faculty, both at the professor and instructor level, we can distinguish two forms of affiliation: Some faculty members have tenure at HFF Munich, while others maintain their main engagement in the film and television industry. This ensures that our students have a permanent primary contact, for the duration of their studies; while, on the other hand, our teaching content remains at the cutting edge of industry practice.
This principle is most evident at the senior level of each HFF Munich department: All five departments with full degree programs have a full-time and a part-time head. Our part-time department heads are actively involved in the industry, providing an interface between HFF Munich and industry practice – a significant advantage to our students, benefitting not only what they currently learn in the classroom, but also their later careers. Our part-time department heads include such major industry names as Franz Kraus (Cinematography), Stefan Arndt (Feature Film and Television) and Herbert Kloiber (Production and Media Business).