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Chair AI

Since May 2022 there has been a chair for AI in media production at the HFF. This was made possible by a competition of the Hightech Agenda Bayern, in which the HFF was able to win one of the coveted AI professorships.

We would like to convey the topic of AI in teaching in a very practical way and, among other things, show its use in film production. Examples include searching through large amounts of film data, use in the VFX area and generating special film sequences using AI technologies.

The topic of AI is interdisciplinary and affects many areas of film production, in whose courses AI topics will be integrated in the near future. We want to show the potential of this technology for film production, but also include the legal and ethical aspects. A big challenge is the incredibly fast development of this area.

In addition to imparting knowledge about the use of AI in film production, we also support artistic projects that use AI in the production process or deal with the topic of AI.