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Classes & internships

The required practical elements include:
– weekly writing exercises in the areas drama, opera, film and TV criticism
– writing exercises, in weekend seminars with guest cultural journalists
– weekly exercises in writing ironic commentary, as well as obituaries and essays
– weekly analysis of the arts sections of German-language and foreign newspapers
– collaboration on the cultural quarterly of the Theater Academy, produced and published by our study program
The required theoretical courses include:
– theater production processes
– film & television production business
– fiction film analysis
– documentary film dramaturgy
– art history, incl. costume history
– dance theater
– play and staging analysis – drama
– play and staging analysis – opera
– history of theater, film and TV criticism, plus (depending on the chosen major):
– extra-European theater
– play and staging analysis – drama II and III (new plays)
– theater studies – two special seminars
– genres and forms of drama
– opera history
– play and staging analysis – opera II
– history of New Music
– musical workshop
– screenplay workshop
– General and special dramaturgy

During the semester breaks, our students work as interns in the Arts departments of newspapers and radio broadcasters, as well as on theater and film productions.

Organization & time allotment

Basic theoretical education in all the offered areas is mandatory for all students. However, especially during second year, the individual student’s curriculum is adapted to his or her particular specialization – drama, musical theater, or film and TV criticism. All practical training elements are required curriculum. Relevant (course) work completed prior to entering the extension study program can be submitted to the program office for recognition.

Time allotment
Though the program requires full-time studies, it is possible to earn a living parallel to attendance. The time required for graduation depends on the amount of theoretical learning still needing completion in this extension study program.

Requirements and application

The prerequisite for the admission test is certification of graduation (diploma, master’s or bachelor’s degree, staatsexamen, doctorate, or comparable foreign certificate) from a university or art school. This certification – along with a curriculum vitae; one critical review each from the areas drama, musical theater and film & television; as well as the records specified on the application form – is to be sent with your application to the Bavarian Theater Academy, by no later than 15 July 2013 (postmark).
Invited applicants are required to attend a three-day aptitude test, held from 29 to 31 July 2013.
Publication in newspapers, radio or TV stations, or the completion of internships, is not a prerequisite.


The final exam comprises a paper and an oral test. We also grade the quality of engagement in the Academy’s cultural newspaper, which is regularly produced by the students.
The course of study is completed with a graded certificate.